Thursday, 20 July 2023

My Three Lovely Course Dolls

I thought I would do a post of my current Course Dolls.  I have been lucky enough to own six at one time, but now own three, and the other three have since gone on to be loved and enjoyed in new homes.

From left to right we have Jasmine, Joel and Jennifer.

Jasmine is my 'dream' course doll and was the last to arrive in I think it was early 2016.  If I had got her first, I may not have got the others....but who am I kidding?  It just isn't possible to have 'just one' especially when they are so different!

Joel is my sweet boy with an ethereal look to him.  

Jennifer came as a boy, Jacob, and I don't normally change my boys into girls, but I had been trying to sell him to raise funds for our dear Percy when he was first diagnosed with his autoimmune disease and needed treatment.  Well the doll never sold and a friend suggested putting a dress on and seeing what I thought, and well, Jennifer 'arrived' and Jennifer she will remain, at least whilst she is with me and I have no plans with parting with her now.

They are a lovely trio.  I like to think of Jasmine and Joel as brother and sister, as they are similar in looks.

I need to make them some new outfits if I ever get inspired to use my sewing machine again.  Probably in Autumn/Winter.

Joel wanted a little adventure out in the garden by the pond today

He enjoyed sitting quietly and watching the wildlife on the pond.

Such a sweet boy.

A beautiful day.

Wednesday, 31 May 2023

Toadpoles not Tadpoles!

What's up Rory?  Henry asks.

There are no tadpoles...Rory replies.  Look.

Henry has a look.  

The pond is full of them!  He exclaims.

Rory sighs...

They are toadpoles.  He tells Henry.

Henry looks again.

What do you mean 'toadpoles'?  He asks.

Rory explains.  That is what I call toad tadpoles...toadpoles as they are not frog tadpoles.

I wanted frog tadpoles.  These never seem to develop much further than what you can see in the pond now.

They get little legs...and then one day overnight they will all disappear until next year when the pond will be filled with loads of toads again.

Well that is strange.  Henry says.  I wonder why they disappear?

I don't know, says is a mystery to me. I thought at first they got eaten in 2020, but in 2021 and 2022 the same thing happened.   That is why I want tadpoles from frogs so I can watch them develop fully and hear them croak.

Don't toads croak?
  Asks Henry.

Not sure, says Rory.  I've never heard them do so.

Sunday, 23 April 2023

Happy St Georges Day

Revisiting a post from 2012!  

Henry threw himself into the whole St George's Day celebration today...donning himself in a pair of red and white shorts...although he grumbled about not having a plain red pair...and arming himself with a sword, posters and my ornamental dragon teapot.

What are you doing Henry?

I'm fighting the dragon Mum

I'm not sure a little dragon looks that convincing Henry!

But I look good with my sword don't I?

Yes indeed you do Henry, although I think you could probably do with some armour to go with that!

I made a shield Mum, but forgot to use it!

Oh well at least you will be prepared if you ever come across a big dragon.

Yikes! Henry exclaims as Mum wanders off and a HUGE dragon breathing fire swoops down...

I wish I hadn't forgot to wear my shield now, and I WISH Mum would hurry and make my suit of armour!

Fortunately Henry survives his encounter with the dragon to fight and play another day!

Happy St George's Day everyone!

Tuesday, 14 March 2023

St Patrick's Day Preparation - Day Two


Lewis and Henry have also changed into some green clothing in preparation for St Patrick's Day.

To see the information on Lewis click HERE.

Henry is of course a Gregor Doll 

Henry is wearing his 'travelling' clothes that he would normally wear when flying to New Zealand each year and he has also worn them when flying to the USA for the Sasha Festivals in the past.  His green shirt is the one he arrived in, and it is his favourite, and his trousers were made by me and are a comfortable fleece fabric.

My two favourite boys.

Monday, 13 March 2023

St Patrick's Day Preparation - Part One


Three of the girls have started getting ready for St Patrick's Day by dressing in green.

Mary Ellen & Amber

Mary Ellen is a 1969 Dungarees Sasha by Trendon and she is wearing a smocked gingham dress.

Amber is one of the first Sasha dolls I got, and she came from Shelly of SashaDollsUK which is now sadly closed down.   Amber is a Large Head Yellow Eyed Pony Tail Gotz Sasha from the 1960s and she is wearing a smocked green dress.

Saturday, 4 February 2023

Pretty in Pink - Getting Ready for Valentine's Day

I'm hoping to get back into my blogging more this year...but haha where have I heard that before...however the intent is there, so we will see.  I am finding it hard to come up with the stories I used to, but hopefully that will come back to me as well.

Three pretty girls have got changed into pink dresses in anticipation of Valentine's Day

Summer has chosen this pretty floral smocked dress.

Sophia this one with white flowers

Everlee Rose this white and pink striped dress.

They look so pretty and are busy discussing whether they will get any Valentine Cards.

They really aren't sure, but hope so.

Emily and Molly have joined them, and they are wearing dresses I have knitted for them.

They are curious to know what the other three have been discussing.

A little while later...

They agree to pose for a photo...although the other three still seem distracted!

That's better girls.  You all look very pretty.


Saturday, 31 December 2022

Christmas 2022

Well here we are, the last day of 2022, and time to show the Sasha dolls who adored their usual spot on the dresser.

I did daily Advent openings on my YouTube Channel and the playlist can be found below:


My Three Lovely Course Dolls

I thought I would do a post of my current Course Dolls.  I have been lucky enough to own six at one time, but now own three, and the other t...