Baby Natalie

In December last year I had an amazing find... a baby Sasha in a charity shop for £1.30!  I couldn't quite believe it and didn't hesitate for a second as you can imagine.  I found her on my wedding anniversary so the timing couldn't have been better either.  I have made her a couple of outfits so far, but thought I would knit her a little romper and bootie set.  I knitted the rompers yesterday and will hopefully find my pattern for the booties today so I can sit and knit them this evening.

I don't knit many things in pink but got this fabulous NZ wool from Whangarei when wool shopping with a dear friend of mine last year.  

Funnily enough the photo colour makes it look more like soft lilacs, but it might just be my monitor or the time of day I took the photo.  I think the colour suits Natalie quite well though and she seems to be happy with the little outfit.


Firstly a warm welcome to my followers, thank you for following my new blog, I hope you enjoy. 
Nine years ago on 23rd June 2011, I was lucky enough to go and meet Shelly at Sashadolluk and come home with not one, not two, but THREE Sasha dolls, all quite different.  I still have them today and they are very special to me.  They are named Charlotte, who is my 'mini me' and is dressed in a dress I made similar to one my Mum made me and my sister when we were young children.   Amber who was named by my youngest son who was fourteen at the time, and the third is Emily who will be featured today.
Emily is a very strong character who has featured in many of my blog posts over the years. She doesn't put up with any nonsense that is for sure.  She tends to be in charge of cooking whenever there is a party to be had, and enjoys planning and organising these things.  She has been travelling with Henry to various places, the highlight was when she came with us to Germany and she had…

Walking on Wednesday with Henry

Wednesday's are dedicated to episodes of  Henry's 'Walking on Wednesday' which you can find on his very own 'Holidays with Henry' blog by clicking HERE.  Today he visits the Ventnor Botanical Gardens.

Tea for Two Tuesday

Molly and Emily invite you to all take part in 'Tea for Two Tuesday'.  There is nothing nicer than partaking in a morning or afternoon cup of tea with a friend...even better if there are cakes!

These cakes look delicious Emily.  Molly says as she tries to choose which one to try first.

Thank you.  Emily replies.

Would you like a cup of green tea?  Emily asks.
Yes please.  Replies Molly.

Emily pours the tea.

There you go.  She says as she passes Emily her cup.

Oh delicious, thank you.  Molly says.  Just what is needed on this gorgeous morning.

It sure is.  Emily replies as she eyes up her cakes.

The girls sit and chat a while

Enjoying their tea and cakes.

After their morning tea they go and sit by the pond.

They watch the insect life on the pond.

They try to spot the fish and newts.

What a beautiful morning it is.  They both say together and then have a little

Molly on Monday

I think Molly was my first Brunette Sasha to arrive.  I got her in April 2011 not long after I got back from New Zealand that year...the Sasha bug had obviously caught hold!  She was considered a waif because her eyes had greened, but that didn't worry me. She and Sasha soon became firm friends.

She is an early seventies brunette girl with non-falling hair.  

She arrived wearing snowman jumper with gloves, hat and black trousers.  
She was briefly a member of the Rose Hip Chicks band, but found the pressures of performing just too much, so left the group for a quieter pace of life.  She is a gentle soul who loves flowers and nature.

Molly enjoys wandering around the front garden to have her photo taken with some flowers.

I don't often buy clothes for my Sasha dolls as I make them myself, but every now and again something comes along that I really like and I decide to treat myself to a new outfit for my dolls, not made by myself!

This outfit is one of them made by the talented

Selling on Sunday For Gregor

As modelled by Henry, we have a series of fun summer shorts, a couple of waistcoats/vests and a couple of sweaters available to purchase.

As I am on the NHS Shielding list, I need to allow time to arrange for either collection or for someone to post items for me, so I won't be as quick as I used to be at sending things out, but I will do my very best and keep buyers updated all the time.  At the moment I am reluctant to send outside the UK  due to possible long delays, but we can discuss this. 
All items sent in the UK will be sent tracked and signed for and postage is included in the price.  Please message me if you would like an item lorraine at (takaro)  - removing the brackets and substituting @ for at with no spaces.  
Henry and his blue t-shirt are not included in the sale. 

1: Toolbox Shorts - £9.99 (includes postage) 

2:  Automobiles -Shorts £9.99 includes postage

3:  Insect Life - Shorts £9.99 includes …